Jeff Scher – Artist Animator

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There is a recent story from the BBC on a fascinating artist, Jeff Scher who combines painting with cinematography. His motivation to bring his art to ‘life’ through animation has created an inspiring artform that offers a unique perspective on everyday life. Here’s a link to the BBC article and Jeff’s webpage.


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A nice video for this time of year, well produced by Cristóbal Vila, revealing the mathematical equations found in nature. Attempts to mathematically define the most aesthetically pleasing ratio…


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The International Movie Poster Awards website has some beautiful artwork in a tradition of design and illustration that goes back decades, and still reflects some of the greatest designers of all time, like Saul Bass and Bob Peak. A great history and resource for this design medium is the book: Art of the Modern Movie Poster, […]


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Darlene Lacey has put together an amazing collection of new and vintage candy wrapper designs in her museum. Brings back some memories and well worth a look around.